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Globalisation has led to increased demand for raw timber and sawmill processing capacity. More and more, the tendencies towards the internationalisation of timber markets and the resulting need for boosted output are presenting new challenges to the industry’s main industrial players.

At the same time, throughout society as a whole, consumers have become more conscious of the origin and supply of raw materials. To accompany long-standing cultural and historical influences, newer questions about bioeconomy and sustainability are coming to the fore and affecting timber producers and manufacturers of wooden products.

Principally, sustainability requirements lead to complex concerns regarding:

Our Service

Here at ITTCON, we work with corporate clients to help them arrive at the right answers to crucial questions for their businesses. Our consulting team has the expertise to address complex issues economically, ecologically and analytically. We specialise in advising companies within the timber industry, forestry commissions and other national and international state institutions.

Our goal is to deliver success-oriented solutions that meet requirements, add consistent value through the supply chain and ensure continuous cross-border supplies to meet business needs. Naturally, ITTCON’s consulting concepts are purpose-designed to suit timber producers, sawmills, manufacturers, paper and pulp processors as well as timber-logistics and bioenergetic timber industries.