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Consulting Strategy Portfolio

  • ITTcon’s marketing strategy includes the targeted consideration of the following groups of concepts:
  • Objectives such as achieving leadership, maintaining profitability and boosting consumer brand awareness.
  • Geographic, socio-ecological and demographic segmentation to classify customer groups and analyse trends.
  • Competitive strategies: niches, cost leadership, sales positioning and balancing pros and cons, as well as potential success modelling.
  • Growth strategies involving product development, market penetration and life-cycle management.

USPs (unique selling points) covering technical innovation, product applications, patents, resources and the environment.

As external experts, we introduce appropriate building blocks and flexibility to contribute to the success of your corporate strategy. Our project work in strategic marketing mainly includes cross-company techniques and sometimes involves the long-term redesign and integration of corporate organisation, systemic processes and resource distribution.

Thus, our strategies serve to develop the business and administrative frameworks and timescale(s) for action. Vitally, they take into account essential control and steering functions such as objectives for product groups, brands and individual markets. We review, optimise, redesign and adapt our in-depth knowledge to bring about targeted improvements that add value. This broad, systemic view ensures that clients achieve higher returns and a forward-looking posture.

At all times, the aim is to focus on management decisions and to establish guidelines for the entire marketing process. Most companies and organisations do not pursue only one business aim, which is why we analyse all areas of an enterprise for strengths and weaknesses.

Specific aspects for which we consult and discuss with a company or organisation’s management include:

  • Determination of business areas.
  • Competitive positioning of the company.
  • Definition of market niches, USPs and pre-existing technological conditions.
  • Evaluation of positions where specialist or contract personnel might offer advantages.

From these discussions and our observations, we create a structure for ITTcon’s main topics in strategic consulting to cover:

  • Strategic market analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Analysis of potential.
  • Location analysis.