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Continuous Business Networking Services

Based in the German city of Hamburg, the team of consultants at ITTCON tackles even the most difficult issues and challenges that their clients face in the forestry industry and timber trade. The group uses its experience to create and deliver bespoke solutions, tailored to customers’ needs and designed to develop their business.

As Managing Director Stefan Julius puts it: “Our team has the expertise to analyse the increasingly complex challenges that today’s timber traders face, address their issues economically and ecologically and offer success-oriented solutions to meet business needs.”

When working with clients, ITTCON maintains a firm focus on their business goals, supply chains and added value. Their consultants work to answer questions that arise in today’s marketplace, ranging from relatively straightforward to the most perplexing. At all times, the conceptual approach is totally transparent, as this graphic(-hyperlink) illustrates.

While ITTCON and its co-partners work independently of client companies, all staff and contractors adhere to strict confidentiality. Clients can rest assured of a guarantee of trustworthy handling of internal company information and to protect commercially sensitive product details.

Companies that work with ITTCON benefit from:

  • Relevant and useful information, adapted and co-ordinated to meet client needs precisely.
  • Compliance with product-specific regulations and legal requirements.
  • Optional automatic initiation and execution of appropriate reactions and processes on clients’ behalf.
  • A motivated approach and timely reaction to upcoming market events, changes in financial circumstances and the economic climate.

Here at ITTCON, we offer four possible levels of client support, thus providing real choice in the way companies network. Crucially, as well as basing their decisions on individual ethos and requirements, organisations are free to decide how much information they wish to share. Together, this decision matrix and the selection of structures offers full transparency and details the various advantages.

Our clients operate in various fields within the wood industry. Apart from private timber businesses, we advise and work with large processing companies, authorities such as Forestry and Environment Ministries and representative associations throughout the timber industry.



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