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Bioenergy has come to play an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse gases in the environment. Renewable sources such as solar and geothermal energy, wind power and hydroelectricity now feature prominently in international politics, not least in the European Union.

Of course, energy is essential to enable economic growth and create new jobs.

With this in mind, EU policy embodies three principles, namely to:

  1. Maintain and increase competitiveness.
  2. Achieve sustainability targets.
  3. Ensure security of supplies.

Specifically, the EU has set a goal to reduce emissions and climate change. By the year 2030, its leaders want emissions to be at least 40 per cent less than in 1990. To achieve this ambition, therefore, green energy will account for 32 per cent of total consumption.

Whereas fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas will almost certainly not last forever, energy requirements look set to continue increasing over the long term. Globally, therefore, companies with an eye on the future of the energy market will look for alternative supplies. Thus, renewable resources – wind, solar power and bioenergy – will take on additional importance.

Given the above situation and future trends, ITTCON provides advice and consultancy on:

Competition. We support your organisation and deliver highly effective solutions to compete in today’s marketplace.

Enforcement Strategies – we equip your business with the best possible economic arguments while also representing your interests.

Energy and Climate – with ITTCON, you can rely on objective and accurate assessments of draft guidelines, along with timely advice on bioenergy regulation.

EU Tax Law – we offer timesaving evaluations of official European directives that have a direct impact on your company, in addition to practical assistance with due diligence and proof of origin compliance.

Natural Resources – with our expert consultants at your disposal, your company will be ready to meet and maintain sustainability goals. We remain committed to adding value and guiding clients through political reform and legislation.

International Trading  – our advisory service ensures that you stay ahead of market challenges, changing trading relationships and globalisation issues.

Bioenergy Tenders – receive business support with public tenders and energy supply auctions.