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Over recent decades, globalisation, technology and digitalisation have influenced trading supply chains. However, rapid shifts in economic and political circumstances now mean that a fresh assessment is necessary.

ITTCON offers tailored support to companies that wish to optimise and simplify complex supply chains while adding lasting value. Our bespoke advice is system-wide and integrates strategic coordination with improved management. This tried and trusted concept plays a secure and central role within businesses, combining traditional purchasing functions with tactical leadership and long-term company performance.

Why is Supply Chain Consulting so Important?

Given the increasingly frequent changes in EU regulations and legislation, procurement markets are evolving rapidly. Nowadays, business focus has to be on better cushioning for pandemics, crises and natural disasters.

So that your company logistics and value chain remain successful in difficult times, it is essential to be ready with an efficient response to deal with disruption. ITTCON specialises in providing relevant and timely advice in critical market situations.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Procurement strategy.
  • Risk minimisation and management.
  • Sustainability policy implementation.
  • Interface organisation.
  • Review of supplier relationships
  • Analysis of risks, opportunities and potential.
  • Digital trading platforms.
  • Development of new regional and international, non-EU supply sources including
    • Asia, the USA and Canada, Belarus and the Russian Federation.

In all cases, clients can count on early, measurable benefits for their organisation and supply chain.

Is Success Measurable?

Here at ITTCON, our supply chain consultants strive to ensure significant transparency, especially with regard to global market risk. Naturally, we also pay particular attention to shaping service, contract and cost provisions. Thus, we guarantee your company will maintain a consistent and sustainable order book with a forward-looking approach. Additionally, it will use technology efficiently and have effective knowledge transfer processes.

We invite you to gain through competitive advantage, strategically and financially, to develop and take your organisation to the next level.

Our offering comprises various choices to ensure the best solution(s) for your company. Please see the options under ‘Service‘.

If you are looking for long-term, competitive cost performance with secure, sustainable supplies, please contact us.

By optimising your supply chain management, we help you to build a lean, efficient and global supplier network.

Are you seeking an individual solution for a specific problem within your supply chain? If so, check our consulting areas to find a bespoke solution.